How can we prepare for hydroseed?

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When can I fertilize hydroseed?

About one month after seeding, fertilize your new lawn using a high nitrogen (the first of the 3 numbers on the bag) fertilizer.  The hydroseed uses a "starter fertilizer" which stimulates good root growth.  It is important to get good root growth before you stimulate a vigorous top growth with nitrogen.

When can we mow our grass?

Mowing can begin once the new lawn is 4" tall in most areas.  Unlike sod, hydroseed will take hold faster and you will be enjoying your lawn sooner.  Mowing also stimulates growth and increases thickness.  Set the mower high at first, then gradually lower. 

How do I take care of hydroseed?

Yes, hydroseed is safe, non-toxic to us, our pets and the environment.  It is a combination of recycled paper products (cellulose), grass seed mix, fertilizers and water based bonding agents. 

IS it safe?

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Successful seed germination depends on a few days of special care.  To assure proper germination water regularly.  a few minutes per day, several times per day is better than drenching it once or twice, especially during warmer weather.  Keeping the yard moist, not soaked, will maximize seed germination. 


By watering regularly and keeping new seedlings from drying out you insure the beginnings of a lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy.

Preparing for hydroseed is really the most important part of having a successful lawn.  First, you need to have a professional irrigation system installed.  Next, you have to have at least 2-4" of topsoil material.   This provides the grass an environment to germinate and grow and establish roots in the first month.   Most new construction homes have backfill dirt, loose sand and gravel and jobsite debris mixed in.  Hydroseed can grow in almost any environment, but for long term success,  having clean, well prepared topsoil is really important.

How does hydroseed compare to sod?

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The good news is when hydroseed is installed with premium seed and applied correctly, you can see germination is less than 2 weeks.  Full results in about a month.  It is also significantly costs less than sod and much more effective than hand seeding or DIY. 


Since the mulch, fertilizer and nutrients are mixed in directly with the seed, there is a protective barrier that absorbs water like a sponge creating an ideal environment for seed to grow.  This is much better than sod recovering from the shock of being cut, handled, dried, installed and then typically soaked and shocked again with cold water.