At Selective Hydro, we do our best to schedule our jobs according to the weather forecast, but do to the nature of working outdoors we often have to re-schedule dozens of upcoming installations due to rain throughout the season.

It is our policy to reschedule all rain delay customers first, usually within 2-5 days after the last rain. 

Example:  Rain showers begin on a Saturday and end on Monday.  Tuesday is sunny and beautiful but most yards are still drying and topsoil from the supply yard is also still drying and is scheduled for delivery starting on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the dry time.  We will begin scheduling the Saturday jobs first, starting on Wednesday or Thursday.  Then, we will start re-scheduling the Monday jobs on Friday or Saturday.

​It is our policy to wait for yards to dry out before hydroseeding and installing topsoil.  Some yards have topsoil already installed.  We will wait to walk on muddy topsoil before installing hydroseed.  New construction sites that are muddy also need to dry out before we can install topsoil and hydroseed.  Clay yards take longer to dry than sites with a sandy / gravel mix.  It is our discretion which projects will be re-scheduled due to dry time and soil composition / type.

​We will do our best to communicate regarding re-scheduling your project due to rain delays.  Thank you for your patience as we juggle our schedule.

Thank you, 

​John Purdom

(888) 518 - LAWN